I introduce our ambassador couple for 2020 - Stéphane Séguin and Francine Cloutier - they are parents of 4 children and grandparents of a grandson. They both work in the public domain. Francine is in the school field and Stéphane is a sales advisor and MAYOR  of the municipality of Montpellier.

Stéphane suffered a myocardial infarction in September 2018, a surprise because he had no apparent symptoms. Obviously, following this incident, many things have changed for Stéphane and their couple. They realized the importance of taking time for themselves and their families. Since then, Stéphane has learned how to set priorities and manage a busy schedule.

This does not prevent him from getting involved in a lighter way. They decided to support this cause so that research can cure or prevent heart disease. They hope to sensitize people to take time for themselves, and they are a good example of resilience, courage and compassion.