Her name is Kamille Quesnel, and she will turn 18 next June. She graduated from Collège Nouvelles Frontières last year, and is currently studying architecture techniques at Cegep de l'Outaouais.

Since a young age, dancing has always been her passion. This year, Kamille took the decision to participate in this beautiful cause since for 3 years she accompanied Nouhed Chabani, who was ambassador for 4 years.

Kamille decided to become deeply involved this year when she realized that her father had undergone two TIAs in recent years and that this is an early sign of stroke. In addition, a big reason she wants to get involved in the cause is that she realized that many families are affected by heart disease. She wants to help affected people and their families to get through these difficult times and she also wants to educate young people about healthy lifestyle habits. As she says so well: "I think that even with my young age, it is necessary to sensitize the youngest, because we are the future  and we need to take action to keep our heart healthy "- Well said, Kamille!