Manon Delorme is proud to be an ambassador for a second year in a row. She is full of energy and loves challenges. She speaks a little loud, but she also has a small sensitive side.

She has known The Red Dress Gala since the beginning as part of her duties on Radio 94.9 Rouge. It is a cause that touches her very closely because her mother died of heart disease a little over a year ago. Then, a few months later, the father of her spouse suffered a heart attack. It was taken on time and he is doing well today.

Manon finds that life is so fragile, so she stays active and eats well ... except for a few candies from time to time. Sometimes she even lets others know how to eat well ... especially the father of her spouse.

She is very happy to have been chosen once again and to have the privilege of spreading what we do for The Red Dress Gala. Manon is looking forward to seeing everyone in red on Friday, August 28th.