For those who do not know her, she is Stéphanie Méthé, business coach, author, host and speaker. Communicator for 11 years, she has worked as a presenter in several radio and television stations in Quebec, mainly in the Outaouais. So you may have heard her at Rouge Fm and TVA. It is with great pleasure that this year, she joins this great bunch ambassadors of the Red Dress Gala! This is a cause she really cares about because she believes it is important to take care of yourself, which means taking care of your heart as well.

She has often opted for performance in her personal and professional life. She wanted to perform as much as possible, because she was probably unconsciously desirous of perfection, the one that gives us the impression that we will be loved in this way. So she tried for many years to do what society had always taught her: Have a dream job, a good person with whom to make a living, be healthy, eat well, train, and be positive in everything.

What Stephanie realized was that the pressure she was feeling, wanting to be good, wanting to be beautiful, wanting to be positive at all times, hurt her enormously because she was completely burned and exhausted. . She had the feeling at one point of being caught in a whirlwind where life goes fast, and that she had to succeed at all costs this famous life.

For years, without realizing it, she had prevented herself from breathing, from experiencing her emotions, from really asking herself the right questions about what she wanted to live and what she wanted to vibrate. These insights led her to understand that slowing down now was necessary if she just wanted to avoid a burnout, or have a heart attack at the age of 40.

For Stéphanie, getting involved in the Red Dress Gala is very natural. She does it somehow for her, to remember that if she follows her heart and listens to her body, she is on the right track. It serves as a reminder, to take care of it and take downtime. And she does it for her mother, her grandmother, her friends, her boyfriend, her family, her collaborators, and all the other women and men too.

Because taking care of yourself is breathing, slowing down, writing, reading, meditating, thinking, walking, releasing emotions, but it is also and especially according to Stephanie, having fun and letting go of the pressure.

Pleasure is good for the health of the heart, body and mind. So for her, the Red Dress Gala is a way to celebrate life and celebrate her health too. Because we never know when our health can fail. In fact, there are often signs, but we do not always learn to listen to them.