France Jolicoeur is a wellness therapist, entrepreneur, wife and mother of two beautiful daughters. Her goal is to help her clients regain and maintain their physical, energetic and emotional well-being. Having several trainings in the field of individual and group sports training as well as nutrition coaching, she has expanded her component to incorporate the work with energies, massage therapy and essential oils to be better equipped to help people.

Marie-Claude Therrien is a reflexology therapist, entrepreneur, lover and mother of two beautiful children.  Having faced various health challenges during her twenties: risk of stroke due to taking the contraceptive pill at the age of 26 and diagnosis of type 1 diabetes at the age of 28, she becomes sensitive to the importance of having natural alternatives for health and maintaining good lifestyle habits.  Since then, her goal has been to help people improve their physical and emotional health in the most natural way possible.

France and Marie-Claude met a few years ago; Both passionate about natural wellness, they decided to join forces to found the Alternative wellness centre and boutique to offer health care and products to the population of the Outaouais.

In their common goal of promoting health, they decided to become ambassadors of the Red Dress Gala. A cause that is close to their hearts because heart health is undoubtedly essential to wellness.