Marcan Laramée, 28, proudly wears the ambassador emblem for the 2024 Red Dress Gala in Gatineau for a second year.

Entrepreneur, unifier, builder, these are all words that represent the professional side of Marcan, partner at Ergon Coworking.  He is passionate about people and collaboration in the business environment

He decided to get back to work as an ambassador for the Gala Robe Rouge Gatineau for a second year, but this time, by setting even more daring goals from last year. Raise $15,000 for the cause!

"It is by bringing together the business community, our partners and collaborators that we will be able to achieve this goal. People want to give, just present them with a cause that has a real impact on their lives and those of their loved ones for them to embark with us. ''

Marcan takes a liking to life and knows that every day deserves to be lived to the fullest.  He has always been a positive leader, a vehicle for change. So that's why it's a great pleasure to participate, once again this year.