Liliane Rukerankiko is Deputy Director at Global Affairs Canada.  Liliane, and the very definition of "free spirit", great bohemian at heart, is a great traveler, a woman of incredible dynamism and generosity. Liliane, or rather Lily for everyone around her, sows happiness and joy wherever she goes. She is one of those who illuminate the lives of the people around them by their mere presence. As her friends define her, she's just an amazing person to be around – people gravitate around her! Lily is the mother of 18-year-old twins. For her young men, she is an extraordinary mother. A woman like no other. They describe her as very hard-working and very ambitious and always want to aim for higher goals than the last. A "foodie" mom who likes to go out and who made them discover the pleasures of gastonomy. A very outgoing mom, who knows the whole city and enjoys everything and enjoys life to the fullest and involved in just about any cause and event to improve people's lives and help the community. A volunteer at heart, she takes part in several activities of organizations that help people in need. Whether helping families in need, sick children, floods or veterans, she is always on all fronts with her joie de vivre. Lily is always listening to others, day and night and no matter where she is in the world. Her friends and family are very important to her. She is sensitive to the importance of finding a balance between her professional, social and family life. Having lost loved ones to stroke and several friends who saw their lives turned upside down overnight, she decided to get involved with the Foundation, for a 9th year, to help women understand the importance of adopting a healthy and balanced lifestyle in order to reduce their risk factors for cardiovascular disease, because for her, all causes are important but especially those that affect and aim to improve the lot of women and children.