The Red Dress Gala features women ambassadors and men ambassadors who stand out in the business community and in the community of their region.

The red dress is the official symbol of the event. It evokes femininity, strength and confidence, and highlights the spirit of a cause that all women can identify with and that they can be proud of.

The red dress also represents women's courage, passion and power to make a difference by making reality known about cardiovascular disease and educating women around them about the importance of heart health.

Our goal is to create more survivors. Do more research and prevention that saves lives. Allow more fathers and mothers, husbands and wives, children and babies to return home to their families each year.

With your support, together, we are eliminating heart disease and stroke for a healthy life, to put a stop to this suffering and create a new generation of survivors.

Most of us are unaware that heart disease and stroke are the leading causes of premature death among women in this country. Unfortunately, many do not recognize the signs and symptoms until it is too late. All this is distressing, because too often a quick intervention could have saved their lives. The good news is that they can reduce their risk by up to 80% through prevention by making simple lifestyle changes: getting active, eating a healthy diet and managing stress, just to name a few of them.


cause of premature death in women in Canada is heart disease and stroke.


of women who experience heart attack symptoms have them go unrecognized.


of all heart disease and stroke clinical research focuses on men.

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