Anne-Marie Laperle, a kind-hearted woman who feels privileged to be able to be involved as an ambassador for the Red Dress Gala Gatineau. Heart disease and stroke have affected her loved ones and many families around her. As they say ... Prevention is better than cure.

This cause allows her to raise awareness while having a lot of fun. The team girl in her is very happy to join the other ambassadors, all united for love. She would like to thank all of her relatives and friends for their support.

Anne-Marie is the mother of a beautiful 7-year-old girl who loves to dance as much as her mother, who has been a dance teacher for more than 10 years. Moving for a healthy heart is a priority in their lives. Anne Marie is also an ambassador for a manufacturer of ecological products and health products - she promotes better overall and environmental health for those around her.

She exudes a zest for life like no other. She embellishes the life of each person she touches with her gentleness and dedication to their happiness. A woman that everyone wants in their life.