Her name is Isabelle Jean, a passionate, energetic and energetic woman. She has the honor of having married an exceptional man. Together, they are raising two adorable sons. She is a person who cares about people's well-being. Moreover, for more than a decade, her professional mandate has been, in every respect, in keeping with her values ​​and beliefs. As a nursing assistant and now a teacher in various professions in the health sector, she educates the people around her about the importance of having a good lifestyle in order to prevent illness.

Indeed, as part of her professional life in the health network, Isabelle has taken care of a diverse clientele. Now, as a teacher in vocational training in the health sector, she teaches primarily to an adult clientele, aged between 18 and 70 years old.

Her experiences in these two different contexts have allowed her to make an observation: the condition of a person often develops because of bad habits of life. That's why Isabelle decided to get involved in this challenge: promote health by raising awareness.