In April 2015, her life took a turn - having suffered a massive heart attack, with 40% damage to her heart, Jo-Ane now devotes most of her time to this cause. The ultimate advice she strives to convey to people is without contradiction to adopt healthy daily habits to prevent ...

Since most people do not know it, know that heart disease, including stroke, is the leading cause of early death rates in women. Given the ease of access to information as well as technological and medical advances, many still ignore the signs & symptoms as well as basic healthy lifestyle habits. What irony!

Did you know that by simply knowing these signs & symptoms, you may be able to significantly reduce the dramatic after-effects of certain complications or even save lives! Even better, by promoting healthy lifestyle habits such as stress management, a balanced diet, a minimum of 30 minutes of physical activity a day, enough sleep time ... and the awareness of those around you. Regardless, this would undoubtedly decrease the percentage of people affected.

In closing, it was with immense joy, thanks to a great collaborator, that we were able to implement our website last year. This exceptional collaborator, Tonik Web Studio, is equally committed this year to working on the site's user-friendliness as well as certain details in order to improve its use.