His name is Olivier Sweeney, and he is 32 years old. He is a carpenter by trade for the last 7 years now. He loves this job because as it is manual, it allows him to create houses and places where people will be able to build and create memories.   He is also a step-dad to two teenage 16 and 17 years old and Oliver is always ready to face new challenges.

Bicycling is his favorite sport, he lives and breathes bicycle. He even decided, in February 2019, to open his own bicycle repair business, which he named "The Békano". The main goal is to promote health through the different disciplines of this sport, to get people to move and offer workshops.

Following his participation as a guest at the Gala 2018-2019 and having lost a loved one due to a stroke, Olivier decided to get involved 110% in this cause that is close to his heart. He is a tough guy and his goal this year and for years to come is to make a difference by educating people about healthy lifestyle habits and encouraging physical activity.